The latest release

The Raging Peace Within (2020)

A deeply personal, ruthlessly honest and sarcastic self-reflection, as well as a tribute to all those lovely people out there who are working hard to make our little planet the worst place in the universe.

The album has quite unique sonics within the broad boundaries of the synthpop genre, reminiscent of the best era of electronic music from the 80’s combined with modern state-of-the-art technology.

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Krachtek Elektronik is a single member darkwave, synthpop band based in Norway but with a Hungarian origin. The band was mainly influenced by Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk and has developed a dark, industrial sound with deep, sentimental melodies.

Since 2006 Krachtek Elektronik has released 6 studio albums, including an EP, and is getting growing attention from synthpop lovers all around the world. The whole discography is available for download under the discography menu.

A new 10 track synthpop album was released 19 June 2020 featuring several songs with vocals, for the first time. The band used a unique and interesting combination of new and vintage, analogue and digital synthesizers, rare sample libraries – all this recorded in pristine audio quality featuring 3 dimensional stereo sound produced with Roland’s RSS system.